Trip Conduct Manual

These are ShareMyFare's 7 Commandments for a comfortable travel experience (aka "Trip Conduct Manual")

By using ShareMyFare for sharing a car and the fare, you agree to comply with this Manual as outlined below.

1. This Manual is a binding agreement between all Members, Driver and Passengers, and should be used as a binding guideline when sharing a car, and/or if conflicts occur. If you do not agree with the terms here, please do not use ShareMyFare.

2. Responsibilities of the Driver :
The Driver agrees to :
- only publish the true trips they intend to make.
- provide accurate information on origin, destination, identity, the itinerary, and other requirements or logistics information for the trip (including but not limited to : smoking preferences, tolerance for pets, planned stops on the way, etc).
- make the published trip, and agree to travel with any Passenger with whom they made a prior commitment online; unless there is obvious personal security reasons or the passengers are violating this Trip Conduct Manual at the time of the travel.
- not drive under influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescribed drugs) which may impair the ability to drive safely, and may risk others' health and safety.
- keep the car in good driving conditions with all legally required documents (such as insurance, toll stamps) present. Should the passengers wish to check them, the Driver should present these to the Passengers.

3.Safety: Every Driver and Passenger agrees to take the common-sense precautions during the travel. You may not know the identity of those you connect via, thus please be careful when disclosing personal or financial information that is not relevant to the fare/car-sharing agreement.
Immediately report any abuse or harassment to ShareMyFare by contacting us via If you are hesitant to report the incident, please do not hesitate, but report us. All such reports will be kept confidential and will be acted upon by us depending on the severity.
When you agree to share a car with others, we recommend the meeting point is in a populated public area. Sharing your trip details with other close friends and relatives (via facebook, twitter, text message or so) when the meeting occurs is also a recommended precaution. You may also want to check the identity of the other members before starting the journey. In case of risk of safety, feel free to break deal. Neither the driver nor the Passengers should feel offended by these reasonable and simple security precautions for their own and others' security. The Driver and the Passenger(s) agree not to carry any items that a) may impose security risk or b) are legally-prohibited during the trip.

4. Costs:
The Passenger(s) agree to contribute to the costs incurred by the Driver as aligned prior to the trip. This may or may not be an equal-split as the driver may want to compensate for wear and tear of the car in the long trips. What counts is what you aligned upfront. Feel free to discuss any cost and "how to split" aspects priort to the meeting. The Driver agrees that the Fare-Sharing reflects reality and the Driver is not making a profit from such transactions. The Driver is responsible for any tax implications in the unlikely case of profit-making.

5. Be On-Time :
Passengers and Drivers agree to comply with the aligned departure time, and must be present at the agreed meeting location. If a Passenger is missing after the aligned tolerance limit, the Driver and other Passengers reserve the right to ask for the agreed compensation from the missing Passenger. However, ShareMyFare is not responsible for resolving such conflicts, and will not act on such reported issues.

6. Be Clean :
Respect others and be clean and tidy at the meeting point in order not to offend or discomfort other fellow travellers.

7. Hold your word The Driver and Passenger(s) agree that they will adhere to the commitments they made online, including but not limited to smoking preferences, amount of luggage, pets, agreed fare-share, etc.