Help make it a better world for all of us

A lot of people are more and more aware of how much is our planet suffering because of our way of living. Still, there are just too many people that seem careless about this issue, they don’t feel motivated to do something that might be helpful to the whole world. That is why I want to tell you why you should share your rides.

Save the world for our children

You might not care what will happen in 100 years or even more, but that is only because you are not looking at this problem from the right perspective. You shouldn’t see the future as the time when you will no longer exist, you should see the future as the time where your kids, grandkids and great grandchildren will live. Don’t you want them to live in a better place than us, don’t you want to save this planet for your descendants? I know you do and you can just take baby steps, start by sharing your rides. Go to school; go to your work with your friends and colleagues. You will use less gasoline than you would if all of you went alone. This will produce less dangerous evaporations which will lower the amount of horrible gasses we send to atmosphere.

Save money easily

If you are still not convinced why you should share your rides, here is a monetary motivation for you. Just in case that future of this planet and our descendants is not enough motivational for you. Sharing rides is not just a way to save planet, it can also save money. If you share your ride with 3 or 4 friends, after a month you will be able to see how much money you have saved.You can use this money to buy new clothes, redecorate your house or anything else you want. It will mean a lot to have some extra money. Sharing a ride with 3 friends would mean that you will only spend ¼ of money you used to spend. I am not trying to motivate you to go green completely (even though it is a great idea); I am just trying to show you what a great change for your life would be if you shared your rides. 

Help us save this world, help us make it a better place. Start sharing your rides, save money and save the planet Earth.

posted on 11/2/2013 by "ShareMyFare Team"