We are live in 33 universities

We are live in 33 universities via our ambassadorship program.

The program works very simple :

1. You volunteer to become an ambassador for us in your university.

2. This implies you will actively create awareness on ride-sharing and collaborative consumption in your university. 

3. We will create a dedicated page for your university - for free. Like these, which we can personalise, localise or customise to what suits best for your campus : http://www.sharemyfare.com/bangkokuni or www.sharemyfare.com/bogazici or http://www.sharemyfare.com/cau

4. Signing-up to www.sharemyfare.com for your fellow colleague mates or using our services is free, and it will stay free

5. we will give you ad-space that you can sell. either online or to a small business close to your campus (like a pizzeria, taxi stand, bookstore, whatever). You will keep 75% of the revenue.

6. the more active you are to spread ride-sharing in your campus, the more members there will be, hence the more people will save on commute costs.

7. this will mean your ad-space will be more valuable.

8. if you want to join, please send us a note at contact@sharemyfare.com.

9. first come first serve

posted on 11/17/2013 by "ShareMyFare Team"