Why share a ride?

In today’s world, the carbon emissions have gone through the roof and more than 13% of those are caused by vehicles which people mainly use everyday to get to work or school. There is of course no realistic way to expect everyone to get rid of their vehicles and as long as more energy efficient means of transport find their ways to our everyday lives, we should try other ways to minimize the negative effect todays means of transport have on Earth. 

One of those ways is to share your ride with other people. This is also a way to combat loneliness on the road to work or school, which actually takes more time than you might imagine (an hour or two everyday adds up to serious amounts over time…). But the main problem with this approach is that many people don’t know how to meet like-minded people that travel on the same routes as them. 

ShareMyFare is here to solve this problem with a very intuitive system. You simply find others who are either willing to join in on your ride so you share expenses or you can join them so you don’t even have to drive yourself. This is true for both, short term – one time travels but also for regular rides like commuting to work and similar.

It is actually a shame that more people don’t know about this because, nowadays everyone is constantly connected to the internet in one way or another (be it a laptop or another mobile device) and it should be natural that people would team up to both socialize and cut down on costs. This type of thing where people who don’t know each other come together was unheard of couple years ago and would sound strange, but this same concept is being accepted more and more as society uses the internet and integrates social media in their lives more frequently.

It is truly interesting how this type of collaboration would pave the way to interesting opportunities for people and businesses alike. 

If you too want to find travel buddies or just want to cut down on travel costs and meeting with like-minded people at the same time, you should check ShareMyFare out. 

I personally think that the motto “share your ride, share your fare” has great potential, both for economic and social reasons.

posted on 11/13/2013 by "ShareMyFare Team"