Why should you share your rides ?

We see it every day, highways full of cars all headed in the same direction with the driver as the sole occupant. Or maybe you’ve been in the airport or in the department store and bumped into a neighbor, and probably thought, I could have caught a ride with or offered a ride to them had I known they too were coming here

You would not only have saved costs, but also reduced pollution, decreased traffic; in essence, helped to make the world a better place. 

Weigh your options; you can travel on public transportation that doesn’t run consistently around the clock, requires you to walk to your destination after exiting, is full of loud teenagers and crying babies, and is not always the cleanest or most comfortable of rides.

Or, you can be picked up at or near your home, dropped off equally as close to your destination as your pickup, ride with no more than four other people, sit in a comfortable and safe climate controlled vehicle, help the environment by reducing pollution, and save yourself money by contributing to the fare total instead of paying the full fare alone. If you often rely on taxis, usually drive alone, or want to make some extra money by traveling to a place you were headed anyway, it just makes sense to share your ride and share your fare.

Sharing is rudimentary; we are taught how to share and the importance of it early in life and the joy from it never fades. Leonard Nimoy even went so far as to proclaim that “The more we share, the more we have.” 

In the case of ride sharing, it is literally true, the more you share your car or share a ride with another, the more money you have, the more time you save, the more people you meet, and the more you help make it a better world.

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posted on 11/2/2013 by "ShareMyFare Team"