FIND, CONNECT, SHARE: Share your ride, Share your fare

More and more people are concerned with their commute to work given the continous increase in fuel prices, the increasing traffic congestion in almost all cities, and the inconvenient public transportation in many parts of the world.

For employers, the issue is other way around. Providing shuttle buses to work as a fringe benefit, or reimbursing taxis after overtime work can add up significantly.

Studies show many people even choose to change workplaces when commuting time/conditions get worse, which creates an attrition issue.

Plus, every effort to introduce new vehicles into the ecosystem just adds to the problem, rather than bringing a long-term solution.

What Is The Solution?

ShareMyFare is a social platform where fellow travelers can connect with each other to share their rides. Our corporate version comes with added features (like closed-community ride-sharing, admin screens to manage schedules, assigning taxis for ride-groups etc) for companies who would like to be part of our program. This is all completely free of charge.

How Does It Work ?

Both individuals and Companies can sign-up and use for free (also our android and iOS apps). To benefit from the extra features, we recommend you sign-up for a corporate account (for free!)

Once registered, you can :

FIND : Search for fellow travelers on your planned route (or create your own ride-share)

CONNECT : Connect, talk and align with other fellow travelers on how you will share

SHARE : When the day&time comes, share your ride, share your fare.

I Want My Company To Use SHAREMYFARE. What Should I Do ?

1- Register your company for a corporate account by sending an e-mail to This would allow your employees to choose to share rides on closed groups if they like to. We could also be able to mass-register your employees if you choose so.

2- Communicate to, and encourage your employees to use sharemyfare for over-time work, or daily commuting, or for other personal or business trips.

3- You may choose to assign a responsible admin to even book taxis for them and assign, so that your employees would continue to focus on work. However, this step is optional.

4- Track your company's savings using our corporate dashboard.

For any questions or comments please send us an e-mail at

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